Sunday 18 March 2012

Taliban 2

Here are the next few Taliban. Slowly getting back to normal (whatever Normal is). And as such starting to paint from scratch again.  Here are my next few Taliban.
Again in 20mm from MJ figures, exactly the same as the last batch. with the same link as Friday. So just scan down to the previous post for the link. I still have not worked out what that heavy weapon is. However onwards. I think this will be an ongoing theme for the next week or so. This is a mixture of packs in retrospect I should have painted one pack at a time. However this way works better as it allows me to keep the colours varied among all the groups. I have sent for more Taliban from MJ figures as I am not totally sure how many I would actually need for a variety of games. Therefore once I get past 30 I'll start to consider the scenarios I'll be able to play.

I have prepared the next lot, cleaned up based and undercoated so I can start them this afternoon. I have also assembled a "Toyota pick-up" style "technical" with a 12.7mm Heavy machine gun on back. So expect to see it at the end of the week.

BROADSIDE 2012. Well in case you haven't seen it the first advert has appeared in the wargames press. (WSS page 54 if I remember correctly) and that has bought it home to me where we are with the deadline. I am not panicking yet as I have two weeks of work to fit in before then and I hope that should make a difference. One of the issues will be ordering things to arrive in-time with my vacations to optimise painting and making. Therefore I shall try to order ahead of time, but we all know that's not always going to coincide with my schedule. Ah well lets just try and see where it takes us.

Having seen the first advert it has changed my attitude to the show. I can no longer deny it's going ahead. The die as they say is cast.

All the best Clint. Post again on Tuesday.

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