Saturday 5 May 2012

2nd Board layout WIP

This is the second board layout. All the fields and walls are stuck down now and ready for the next phase. It is definitely a work in progress. You can clearly see the buildings wrapped in cling-film, no it's not a fetish thing honest. It will serve to protect them while I coat the boards in plaster and sand. By coating them in cling-film it will allow it to settle in place and yet be removed easily once the plaster is dry. This board is less cluttered than the first board In the top picture, Top right corner are some fields which are large enough for a Helicopter Landing Zone. (HLZ). I was aware that I did need some areas, at least one, which could be used to extract the wounded via helicopter. It is not "open" having a couple of crop fields but with no walls it would be possible to land a chopper. Again I have put in a ruin of some description. I do not intend to have any trees on the boards as they would be hard to make in such a way as to be easy to transport, realistic and robust at the same time. I may rethink this at a later time but for now no trees.
Not too much to show today. the desire to work up the shed in the rain was not strong enough. Tomorrow is a club day and We shall be playing Force on Force again to firmly come to terms with the rules. I plan to add a few rules we have yet to try, IEDs, Air strikes, more vehicles, dependants and such. I will also seriously add to the firepower of the Taliban in an attempt to balance it a bit more. Do not expect an easy British Victory battle report on Monday.
All the best next post on Monday. Have a good weekend. Cheers Clint.


  1. Very nice. I really like the effect of the broken chipboard.

    1. I first saw chpboard used in this way about 20 years ago and it has stuck with me. It's a quick easy and effective way of making small scale "rubble" walls.


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