Thursday 3 May 2012

First Board Layout

Hallo once more. Here are 4 pictures taken up the shed in the wind and rain which show the layout of the first board. The vehicle is just for scale so it is easier to judge the buildings fields walls and track size better. Everything except the buildings are stuck in place ready for the next stage. The compounds have been wrapped in cling film for protection and to stop them "sticking" when I add the paint, plaster and sand. The advantage of this is that they can be painted and transported separately which in turn should make my life much easier, both now and on the show date.
 I have taken the pics from a North, East, South West angle so you get a much better idea of what's going on overall and lass wondering if I am trying to hide anything. There is no real compass bearing on the boards before anyone gets the idea that they must be arranged in specific ways. I have deliberately moved on of the compounds to break the straight line of the road but by doing so have allowed lines of fire across field at the board edges. Some compromise needs to be made with regard to terrain and game so let's just hope that this was the right way to go, only time, I suspect, will tell.
 The fields as mentioned previously are door mat from B+Q and I was right I think I shall need another one. The walls are thin sections of chipboard. They are about 3-5 mm and then I break then in two and use the largest section as rough rubble walling. It is a very quick and easy way to make rough walls. It does create a mess though so definitely do it in a shed or workroom. The hardest part is jigsawing the chipboard roughly the same thickness so they all look similar if not identical. They make great field boundaries and destroyed structures. You always use more than you think you will though so cut LOADS.
As you can see I have used the chipboard walls to represent a ruined structure as well as field boundaries. (Most clearly visible in the first 2 pics.) Having looked through the "Enduring Freedom" Book by Ambush Alley Games  lots of the scenarios in and around villages have quite a few ruins. I guess in a country that has been at war for 30 years this is to be expected. I am Therefore not being shy with them and adding them whenever I feel like it.
That's it for today more again on Saturday. All the best and happy blogging folks. Cheers Clint


  1. Looking great so far Clint, good work!

  2. opps just noticed there should be four pics. But only shows three. Ahh well you get the idea.

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  3. looks very good Clint - and the chipboard for walls/ruins is a marvellous idea!


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