Sunday 27 May 2012

Laying out the last board (WIP)

As I am by now hoping you should be aware that Broadside is two weeks today. And by the time I finish this post in two weeks the door of the show will be open and At that stage I really will be in a flap. The only thing I can do is wonder what vital thing I will have forgotten.  That being the case I thought I should share the last of the boards layout with  you.
As you can see from the top picture I wanted something which could represent a built up area. A village square if you will. I can imagine a few shops selling all sorts of things from farm produce, maybe a leather workers or a shop selling cloth or farming supplies Or anything that a small agricultural community could want. There are four building "blocks"  clustered around a small square. Most of the buildings are of similar heights, mostly for ease of construction. One building is noticeably larger. (Third Pic on the right hand side). I have left the building deliberately vague in its use. It may be the village elder/tribal leaders house, that of a local dignitary, maybe it's a mosque or perhaps the home of a major drug runner. From that point of view it does not matter. If it is a mosque though the coalition troops better not fire apon it.
The last two pics show the entry and exit points for the village centre. I have left them deliberately tight without much room for the vehicles to manoeuvre. My background reading suggests this is the right approach and it will give plenty of opportunity for ambush from the Taliban point of view.
I intend to have everything finished before the end of the week so progress on these boards might become rapid and I might need to leave one or two stages out of the blog.  I will try to keep it step by step if I can, but my primary aim is to finish everything to a high standard in plenty of time.
Now that the light is at the end of the tunnel I am beginning to wonder what I should tackle next. As a club I think we have settled on playing SAGA probably as a league, but that will only involve figure painting, and I have really enjoyed this so far I am pondering loads of different projects. Perhaps I would be wise to wait and see if anything at BROADSIDE grabs my attention.

Well that's it for today. I will post again on Tuesday. Thanks for reading enjoy the rest of the weekend and hope its the weather you want where ever you are. Al the Best Clint


  1. Looking really great Clint, keep it going and see you in two weeks!

  2. Keep going, you're on the last lap; looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  3. Just remember clean pants, camera wallet and a bacon sandwich you'll be fine. Table is look great and is shaping up nicely

  4. Very nice!!!! See you in 2!
    Clint, take of your catcha.....Please!

    1. I think I have done so now Ray, but time will tell. If I still have not please let me know. I might also need some clues on how to turn it of if this tinkering has not worked.


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