Friday 25 May 2012


This post is basically a thank you to all the bloggers who have started to advertise the Broadside show.


Please check the webb site for more details of the show.

 I am humbled by the number of Bloggers who have posted info about our show on thier blogs, or who have promised that they will. It is really touching. It speaks very highly of the wargaming community thier kindness and willingness to help those in need. I'm not going to say anything else remotely embarassing but just to let you all know you are all valued and appreciated.  Many Thanks.

This Thanks also extends to Jasper and Guy at WSS. Jasper contacted me within 6 hours of the Rejects blogs being published and others taking up the call. WSS are doing what they can to help the show. If you norrmally recieve a newsletter from them, expect the next newsletter to carry the show infomation. Not only that, but they have asked when the release of thier newsletter best suits us. I cannot tell you how much this means. It's really fantastic! We hope that Guy from WSS will be able to atend the show as well, but no garantees on that.

This action by WSS clearly shows they are involved in the hobby, and not just about selling papers. We all know the quality of thier publications both from production values and (most importantly) content. It is also important to note that they must be at least browsing blogs to keep up with the grass roots of our hobby. A 6 hour response time from Reject bloggers is staggering for a publisher. I am really impressed, I only hope the other magazine can take note and follow (in some way) thier lead.

All the best, Thanks for reading this. Big thanks for the show support, and Happy Blogging. Cheers Clint.


  1. Just glad we could help, and like you said what a response from the blogging community?????? Well done to Guy and Jasper from WSS, for getting in contact about the advert problems.
    Looking forward to the show, the Rejects will see you there!!

  2. Glad to have been able to add my two-penneth-worth to the cause. It was rather cool to see the 'Call to Arms' spread across the blogosphere yesterday. And kudos to Guy & Jasper!!

  3. Glad the community is picking up the slack of the "professional" hobby writers..


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