Saturday 19 May 2012

Village centre WIP

 Ok I'll admit it, I have put of work on the last board because I did not know what I was going to do. Then time started running out and I had to bite the bullet. As such I have decided to make the last board more a village centre set around an open area which could at times also function as a market square. All the buildings are clustered together. Take "Building 1" for example the section with the lower roof may or may not be a separate building or even 2 separate buildings. 
Building 1 Has the tallest building in the village centre. As such it could have a number of different functions. I can use it as a Mosque which means the coalition can't target it too much and air strikes are really not on. Or I can imagine it as the Village leaders residence, a local politicians house, a drug dealers dwelling or any other significant building in a small village, even a school. I looked at pictures of Mosques and some of them are really small and plain while others are big and highly decorated. So I made this to be deliberately ambiguous in function, with a couple of small workshop businesses tacked on the back.
Building 2 is equally nebulous in function they could be dwellings or shops or anything that a small village needs. But probably not a "Pub" perhaps a doctors or a shoe mender might be more in keeping. All that matters is that they are small buildings huddled together.
Buildings 3 and 4 are likewise open to interpretation with regard to what function they would carry out in the village, but there exact relationship to the village occupants does not need to be detailed. They are just General village buildings clustered together sharing walls with each other and getting the "feel" of a village.

Construction they are all made from "Grey board" cut with a scaple and glued using white wood glue to a thin mdf (2-3mm thick) base. In the same manner as all the other building I have created for this project.

As I have mentioned when displaying the compounds (and can be seen on building 4) I don't really plan what they will look like before I start. All I do is plan where they will go on the board, mark which edges face road and then start cutting the card.

As we now only have three weeks to go before BROADSIDE. Now is time to take stock. The show seems to be on course. The club tee shirts have taken a step backwards with the realisation that I was being over ambitious with their design.The Moon boards are finished and ready for Ainsty castings. I now just need to finish this game. I want it finished in 2 weeks time. I feel that is realistic but it will mean me pulling my finger out and stop procrastinating. But I think it should happen. Everything is set and ready to be finished so it's just a case of doing it.

That's today's Blog, Thanks for looking I'll post again Monday. Cheers Clint

Post Script: I had to edit post due to missing pics, which are now added.


  1. Nice buildings Clint, were still sorting out our game for the show and we're running out of time!!!! We were doing a ACW game but now its a WWI, The Battle of Amiens 1918. I t should be good, fingers crossed!!!!!!

    1. They're not there yet. But I have 3 weeks before they are needed. I'll try to finish it all for 2 weeks time, but have the following week off work, so I'm not stressing (yet).

      I am sure it will be a good game (Amiens) and look forward to seeing it.

  2. For "Ad Hoc" buildings I'm sure these will look great when finished - looking forward to seeing the set-up in its entirety.


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