Monday 14 May 2012


I managed to paint some British stuff over the weekend. Here are two WMIKs, (Weapons Mount Installations Kit) pronounced Wimik. As you can see they are armed differently, the one on the left has a .50 heavy machine gun in in the back in addition to a 7.62mm GPMG next to the driver. The one on the right has an Automatic Lightweight Grenade launcher (ALGL) made I believe by Hekler and Kock. The HMG version is the most commonly encountered but as Britnnia ( make both versions of course I was always going to purchase both models. The crew are metal as are the wheels, but the chassis in resin. They were easy enough to put together and I would recommend them as a nice fun bit of kit to wander around your Afghan battle set up. They don't look anywhere as slick as American Hmmvs but to me they actually look better. They are also a lot smaller being based on a Landrover Defender chassis. But if you want any more details there's plenty more on Google. From my point of view they are a couple of lightweight fighting vehicles for the Brits.
I posted on this blog on the wrong dates over the weekend. It was probably only me that noticed, however back to posting every other day from now on. On an unrelated note my mind is now wandering to Post Broadside ideas and thinking about what of the many projects I should tackle next as I can at last see the end of the tunnel with regard to this project.
I can't mention anything about what the club is doing on Sunday I don't think it's sorted out yet. I know some of the guys read this and might email me with what they want to do, but as yet nothing is decided.

That's today's Blog, Thanks for reading take care and next blog post will be Thursday. All the Best Clint


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