Saturday 11 August 2012

2nd Squad (15mm Stargrunt)

Let's face it we all knew this was coming so it's no surprise really. This is the second squad of 15mm FSE troops from GZG. Same unit composition as last time. These guys however are not in helmets but the famous "Kepi Blanc" I did think about painting the kepis a different colour for about 2 seconds so as you can see it was a very serious consideration. Having used white undercoat I managed to keep them clean enough to make the white really stand out. Other than the kepis they were painted exactly the same way.
I will have 2 more squads to finish the platoon, a 3rd Infantry squad, a power armour squad (not sure if they get transport yet so I'll leave that out for now) and a command section in a command version of the Hover vehicle. They will not be down this week as I have yet to order them. You know I'll show them when finished, but I need to paint a few other things in between. No idea what yet, you'll know when I know.
The big problem is the lack of time this week, real life was getting in the way. Not only have I looked after my nephew all week but I have also managed 15 hours overtime. James, my nephew is pretty good and does not get into trouble and can amuse himself (well sometimes) so I can manage a very little painting at some point each day, even if it is only for 10 minutes. So I can't really complain.
I will be running a ZOMBIE game at the club tomorrow. So expect an AAR on Monday. Another short post today for all the reasons listed above. For now though there is an ice cream with my name on it calling for me. So Thanks for reading and Zombie AAR on Monday, (I hope... that's my cue to forget my camera of course). All the Best Clint


  1. Very nice job again with these. Been busy this week myself and only had snippets of hobby time. Looking forward to the AAR. Have fun tomorrow

    1. Some weeks are like that. Don't expect too much from the AAR it might not work as a scenario.


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