Tuesday 7 August 2012


The standard infantry carrier for the Federal States Europa is the Aero-Glisseur Combat d'Infantrie 5B. A medium sized hover vehicle capable of carrying 8 infantry into many battle field situations. The 2 crew, driver and gunner stay with the vehicle when the infantry dismount. The Stargrunt universe has these vehicles build under licence by several factions so realistically (for a sci fi game) they could be the most commonly encountered troop vehicle. As you can see they both have a small turreted weapon as well as a pintle mount. The pintle mount could have gone on the back where I have fashioned an aerial, or the top of the turret.
As metal kits they went together easily with a little flash to trim but otherwise clear of mold lines.not a massive amount of pieces and fairly self explanatory with regard to assembly. I do like the face that the skirts are slightly raised which aids they eye in seeing them as hovering It was not something I really noticed until I put them on bases.

So my 15mm stargrunt force is slowly growing. Very slowly I grant you but it's all going in the right direction. Just a quick post today, more on Thursday. Until then take care and speak to you soon. Clint

Post script: Just picked up some off cuts of wood from my neighbour so I should be able to start making stuff in the next couple of days.... (Fingers crossed).


  1. They looks great mate. well done.

  2. Slowly building a force.... The infantry are being a pain atm.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mate hope I voted for your mouse.

  4. Currently working on my 15mm sci-fi forces as well Clint, nice work....

    1. I shall look forward to seeing them... Maybe if we get a set of rules we both like we could get a game in sometime.


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