Saturday 23 February 2013

Tony take 2

Here is the repainted Tony. Yatter Yatter Yatter white primer spray varnish You know the story but here is tony finished. As you can see I still have not worked out how to manipulate images on windows 8 so it's a bit of a long shot. Anything closer or with a telephoto lenses was too blurry to show anything. I'll figure it out sooner or later, bear with me.

Anyway a weeks (half term child minding) is over, at least until Easter. Warhammer 40k has been put away again and need not rear it's head for at least 5 weeks. Actually I will admit I did enjoy the last game we played as I made my nephew work out all the rules in order to stop him saying 4+ for every single dice roll! By Jove I think he knows the rules now. Or at the very least he realises that ballistic skill + dice roll has to be 7+ in order to achieve a hit. This is a big step forward.

Tomorrow is Cavalier, a local wargames show. I have made some homemade chocolate pecan and pistachio fudge for the Posties Rejects. Foolish of me perhaps but I am putting it all in a single container I'll let them work out how to split it up among themselves. I also hope they will offer it to any other bloggers who turn up as they know far more bloggers then I do. I actually trust all of them to share but I do think there will be quite a lot of banter among themselves. Let's hope there's no fallout to innocent bystanders! The road to hell is, as they say, paved with good intentions!!!

I do have a shopping list of goodies planned in my head for the traders tomorrow. Certain traders will not be attending which is a shame as a couple of them would stock the things I need. Anyway here is a few things I will be looking for:
  • WSS figures.
  • 28mm Cowboy (1 single figure for a game idea)
  • 20mm Partisans for VBCW
  • 20mm Cold war turns hot/ZONE vehicle (BMP or BTR80 )
  • 28mm Witches
  • 28mm dogs
  • 15mm chariot (a sample for chariot race game), Essex Donnington, Magista Militum etc
  • possibly a 10mm chariot for the same If I can find one.
  • Osprey Book of some kind
  • anything else that takes my fancy at the time
Those are just as few quick thoughts, but when I get there I will no doubt get sidetraked and come away with something completely different!

That's it for today. Hope to do a show report on Monday. All the best Clint


  1. Shhhh.......Shhhha.....Shhhhhaaar....Share!!!!!!! I take it there's about a pound or more of fudge!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have just weighed it.... 15 oz.

  2. LOL Fisticuffs will be had amongst the rejects then, Whose taking bets, £10 on the Angry Irish Fella.

    Nice reworking of Tony nice job bud.

  3. Well, that's one more figure down,.
    Good luck refereeing the Rejects, but like Brummie, my money is on big AL.
    (That's alsoa very specific list of buysyou've got there )

    1. 3 more figs half done.
      Ref? No it will be like thunderdome. Two Rejects enter one Reject leaves!

    2. Yes specific list of things I am looking for. But we both know I'll squander my pennies on something unexpected.

  4. Several options present themselves in that case. 1) Give it to Postie.
    2) Give it to Big Lee
    3) Keep it and you'll both assume the other has it! And if you ask me I'll say so as well!
    4) Swap it with a trader for shinies!
    Other sneaky ideas do spring to mind but I'm too sneaky to give more clues than that.

  5. Have a great day tomorrow and good luck with the shopping and running the book. Now my money is on Postie

    1. I think Postie might be the dark horse. Cheers Pete I'll let you know how it goes next week.

  6. Have a great time, Clint. I hope it all goes well for you and the Rejects. No one wants tears before bedtime!

    1. Just got back had a great time. No fisticuffs were in evidence in my presence. Ray says they will eat the fudge for breakfast tomorrow when they get off of work. Maybe fisticuffs then, but probably not.


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