Wednesday 6 September 2017

A totally bias Club AAR

At the club on Sunday 6 of us played a 28mm Zulu game. I was the Zulus with Richard in the centre and Jim on the far left. (I was on the right). Against us ws Tim and Colin, playing the British. We were using "The men who would be Kings" rules and all the terrain was supplied by Matt as were the British while Jim Supplied the Zulus.
Having learnt in the past that "tribal forces " need
to make the best use of any cover.
It was a little disturbing that Jim had nearly all the scrub
 over his side of the table. I had a few hills
 and Poor Richard had a large open area to cross.

I skjityed the hills as best I could.
JIM malingered at the back (If he ever gets a blog)
Then and only then can he have his say.

Richard had to cross open ground.
The results were well shall we say predictable.
Tim sent his cavalry (Lancers) and attacked one of my married units
the British Lancers won, but not decisively
But it was a win. Costly for both of us.

using every inch of cover, and being criticised by my own team for doing so
I advanced without taking many further casualties.
yes I took a few, but not very many from shooting.

Suddenly in a position to attack. Richards forces did
 manage to attack the defended barricade.
But he was beaten back with terrible casualties.

It was then I was able to launch my attack.
Instead of attacking Tim who had squared off against me. I
swerved and attacked Colin's troops in the rear.
I think all the other players were surprised.

Tim was of course happy that he was not attacked.
But sad at the same time as the
british line lost quite badly
Resulting in a huge hole in their centre.

I cannot claim it all my own way though.
Tim used carbine fire from horseback and almost wiped out my married unit.

My unmarried unit also lost it,s leader in the fight and was thus unwilling to motivate.
But the hole in the British line did allow the other Zulu players to
advance and exploit the situation.

Over all it was a Zulu victory and one dear I say I was fairly instrumental
in creating.

All players did loose a lot of troops.
(Strangely except Jim)
On both sides.
OK I was a little harsh on Jim in this write up. he was not really that bad.
But I did say I was going to write up a bias report against him. So consider that done.



  1. Zulu's? No, we won!
    Sounds like it was a fun multi-player game Clint, and from the 'bias' in the report I bet there was a lot of verbal aimed at poor old Jim at the time.
    Nice report you little Imp(i) ;-)

    1. Thanks Addict. Poor old Jim? Nah he is the youngest that currently attend the club. And that was completely unbias.... I played my socks off and the Zulus won. Do not let anyone tell you differently.

  2. Interesting BatRep Clint, you certainly achieved the bias against Jim. Great victory none the less by breaking the line

    1. Thanks Dave. I did say it was Bias. We were forced to change sides for a second game except strangely Jim who stayed as Zulus. hmmm strange indeed! Make of that what you will!

  3. Usuthu! amaZulu

    Cetshwayo obviously reminded his warriors of his Uncle Shaka's mighty victories and goaded them on to do likewise. Not that I'm bias towards the Zulu, you understand. Well, not much at least :)

    1. Thank you Roy. Everything written above is true and needs no altering. The Zulu's won fair and square. Totally whipped the British out in both games, but MANY more Zulus were killed in the Second game when I was the British along with Richard AND we had less ammo than the first game.

  4. Wonderful stuff Clint, love the way you write-up your AARs and this one is a hoot! Good to see the Zulus with the win :-)

    1. Thank you Simon. Yes the Zulu's won. I won. I was magnificent. And I won. And what is more my nose has not grown at all.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you ray. yes I agree matt does put on a very good game.

  6. Congratulations on your victory. Your winning streak continues! :-)

    1. Thank you Bryan. It is all true I tell you. not a word of a lie.

  7. Not often you get to be "Man of the match", but I reckon you deserve the accolade for your ctions.

    1. Thank you Joe. I suspect I will take some flack at the club for this post. Hee hee!

      Another post tomorrow. I should have some dark ages ready by first thing... I hope.


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