Thursday 15 December 2011

Back to normal

Well it's back to normal, for a very limited and given value of normal. I'm still winding down from the car park game.  Most of the wargames stuff I'm doing today is pretty mundane. I have had to turn down a game over the Christmas week because I'll be working, and you just can't turn down overtime at Crimbo. (It's not quite double bubble, but it is Job and Knock so that's good.)

Ok so what has happened. Well the BIG news is that Karl from Crooked Dice has offered to come and give us a game. Always nice to get the game designer involved, if a little daunting if it's a game we put on with his rules. However he suggested either "You only live Dice" or the 2012 equivalent. Which is fantastic news as far as I'm concerned.

Also been chatting and at least one of my players loves the idea of doing a WW1 Zombie game. Here's a pic of my hand made trenches. It was made for a show game with Brits against Turks before WW1 games became really popular. It's all modular, but only goes together in certain ways, so you get a tetris type trench system. In this particular game the British had gotten into the Turkish front trench and here the Turks were trying to counter attack and bring up a HMG. Anyway with a quick freshen up I think it would serve quite well. Being inspired by the Nosferatu game in Keil I may repaint it all in greys so the zombies fit in and the Brits stand out. I'll see what time and effort I want to expend. But I think its a game that will happen in February. Working with the title "No mans Land!". Unless you can suggest a better working title.

I have also FINALLY started the Moonscape  Boards that Andy at Ainsty Castings as commissioned. He says he's in no rush which is just as well.

That's all today's news. Don't expect too much more for the next few days, but I will continue to post.

\Cheers Clint


  1. Looks and sounds good.

    Private rotter 'Sir we're out of ammo'

    Captain Myers 'Son fix your bayonet and aim for the head'

  2. Well Thanks mate. I get bored with ideas pretty quickly so don't expect any rush on this for a while.

  3. I know the feeling I have the three projects on the go at the moment NMRIH Zombies, KKBB rules tba probably 7TV and Post Apocalypse (free rules from various sources)


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