Monday 12 December 2011

First test shots

Well we are getting to the nitty gritty. By this time tomorrow I should be finishing off and heading out for the game. I still have a load to do, but fear not I am just about on target, so I thought I'd share a few pre game snaps. This first one shows the board overall. There are two white building sections to paint. The One on the right of the carpark is the access stairs, this will house some plant/machinery should the players WANT to turn the lights out and the stairs allow me to spawn more zombies should I need some closer the exit. The Road markings are again white pencil from a coloured pencil set. The Peice of machinery is an old "Snapdragon" peice sorry I can't remember the code or much else about it. I have a barrier to go on the exit ramp. Just a painted cocktail stick which I can peirce the foam core with to make it stick out.  Unfortunatly that's all the cars I have access to, could have done with more, but then that would have been more to carry (Thanks again Kev). As a wide full length shot I think it's starting to get thier now. Not that I was worried (much) but I had yet to propperly visualise it. The second Photo is very similar but you can now see I have painted the loos,blue for boys and pink for girls. No interior details as this is just a throw away game. Any player who can't figure it out deserves a slap with a wet MOGGY. The square room is the lift shaft that the players will start from as they escape the havoc in the mall upstairs. I have a checker plate (Plastic) stand there to represent the lisft shaft propper and the impact plate should the lift fail. (I have no idea if that's what you would normally finsd at the bottom of a shaft, but who cares it looks good and I can blag it if need be!!)  Behind the lift shaft is a set of stairs leading up. Obviously buildings with lifts have stairs for when the power fails (did I type that out loud) I mean should the power fail. The only other room will be a storage room, the grey one on the left, I was originally going to have disables toilets there but this has more uses and I can put a couple of tgreasured artifacts in thier should ay player want to enter a cul-de-sac. You can also see (on the right) some skips and a couple of wide parking bays, possibly for mother/toddler or for disabled drivers. Yes the fuel lorry will be parked thier, but the keys for it will be at the other end of the car park.
The next shot is an eye level shot. It does higlight the fact that the cars are too big, But I think that's ok, as mostly we'll be above the ground floor looking down. Which is what you get in the next pic. Three survivors and a few zeds closing in. The dead body is a resin casting from Tim (Frontline) Wade, Unfortunatly he says the molds have now gone to America. They were wild west dead and wounded, I managed to scrounge a couple, (should have got more in Hind sight). And while they are painted and based for wild west gunfights they are some of the few dead (and remaining that way) boddies I could find. I did ask on the crooked dice forum, but no one had any better solutions which is a shame, but maybe in times to come I'll find some. Thanks for reading. More on Tuesday and a game report Wednesday. Cheers Clint

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  1. Looks awesome dude. Remember to take a camera! and make sure its charged :D


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