Wednesday 14 December 2011

Last Night.

Well this is the set up before the players come down in the lift and begin their escape. Each player selected at random a single character. Given the basics of the rules and the objectives. The cast was as follow:
  • Clint "Zombies"
  • Mark "Little Girl" (too much hilarity)
  • Clive "Little Boy"
  • Martin "Cop"
  • Alan "Heavy" (again to hilarity)
  • Alex "Army Girl" (more laughs.)
  • Andy "Store keeper"
  • Phil (in absentsia) "Santa"
Activisation was by random selection (names in a hat style) anyway the first few moves were tentative as all players were new to the rules and as I had not told them where the car keys might be they were I think uncertain of exactly what to do. The Little Girl had the first move and moved close to Santa. We had trouble from the outset with communicating to Phil But these things happen and we just got on with it. The other players came out of the elevator and either ran to the cars and found them locked (and no ignition keys) or went to the loos and maintenance room and began looking around. having decided that searching constituted an action. They would not leave till the following turn. By the time they did get to move they each had a scavenger card and were penned in by zombies and had to fight their way out. In the second picture you can see the storekeeper in the ladies loos, (bottom right corner), the Heavy by the first car on the right engaged in fisty-cuffs, the little boy near the red car in the middle. Army girl and the Cop were in the maintenance room,  and the little girl searching the skip. Clive (the little Boy character)
was the first to find some keys, on the corpse of lying that their feet in the third photo. By then the Store keeper had escaped the loos despite typically low wargaing dice rolls and discharged their shot gun into everything except the zombie about 1 inch away. The Cop had tried searching the petrol tanker but could not get it started. Army Girl had likewise spent several actions sliding across the bonnets of parked cars in a very 1970's manner. The "toddlers" (little boy and girl) had started to co-operate but were having trouble taking out zeds. To be fair all players were struggling to finish any zombies off. Big Al (the heavy) had also twigged that keys can be found on corpses and managed to secure a set as did the
little girl. Clive vocalised that perhaps the living dead might have car keys which again is common sense in the setting. The Cop Marting waded into a nearby Zed with his truncheon in an attempt to subdue it enough for a close body search. The idea was good It did get him some keys, but it also gave nearby zombies the chance to get close to him. So with several players having car keys now they started trying to start the cars. I decided to have the first car tried to need a natural 12 on 2d6 for it to fit that car. Then drop it to an 11 for the second attempt then 10 then 9 etc. So now the race for keys was definitely on and Clive having tried several cars had reduced the roll needed to an 8. It was at this stage that Alex (Army Girl) decided that enough was enough and that keys were more important than friends. So having scavenged a fire extinguisher used it on the heavy, and then to start swinging fits at the frozen chap. Meanwhile elsewhere Santa had deemed that the store keeper had been "Naughty" and clobbered him with a sack full of toys resulting in a stun. The next turn Andy (store keeper) immediately recovered from his stun and set about mugging Santa. He grabbed two pressies (which turned out to be an ornamental Katana in a display box and a nicely wrapper Chainsaw, just want we all want.) Martin was having troubles of his own surrounded by zombies with his back toward a car, heavily wounded he played the sewer rat event card and re emerged from a man hole 12 inches away from the trouble. Alan was stunned and the close zombie threw of its stun. So Alex decided to leave the keys on a stunned heavy and run like a girl with legs flapping about as far away as he could, and closer to one of the un-searched corpses, (a dead dead, not an undead). The three zombies entered a feeding frenzy on the stunned and frozen Heavy Al. The inevitable happened and alas poor Heavy Al was zombiefied. To rub salt in the wound Alex made him a new party hat .  As the store keeper was such a rotten shot he swapped from shotgun mode to first chainsaw then katana in an effort to cull the numbers. At this stage only 2 players did not have car keys, although Alex was to get them from the corpse on his next action. Al had keys on his zombie self but while no longer frozen was stunned a state he was to enjoy for a while longer. The Little boy was the first to get  a car moving but being a kid was not the best driver
 in the game. Despite that he did manage to run over 3 zombies as his first action and go up to second gear as his second action all without loosing control but pushing his luck to the limit. The storekeeper and Santa were slap bang ahead of him so unless they got to go next they'd be mown down. The Cop had just scrambled into a car as Clive turned the next corner. Martin (the cop) had to reverse almost into the path of the careering kiddy driven car. The Little Girl Mark was also carred up and the race was on to leave the car park first and scoop  this years tin or choccies which were the prize. But they were not clear yet. The Zombies made several last ditch attacks flailing wildly at the cars as they sped past.
 Clive was in the lead but a bad driver and had to make the choice of running over several zombies including Al (who was now a "stunned" TANK) or swerving out of the way. You can't blame him we all would have done it. The Chance of running Big Al down was Just too great. In a typically series of bad rolls he clipped the first zombie sent it spiralling one way and lost control of the car and spun. Mark was then to go and he managed to manoeuvre through the debris ridden car park and head towards the exit ramp. However Army Girl Alex had also started a car closer to the ramp and the way out, with no time to manoeuvre he set it in reverse and ended his turn at the bottom of the ramp,  but not  out. The turn ended and it all came
down to who went next. Alex's name came out the
hat so he  decided  to fire  is pistol at  the little girl
he missed but was Mark for able to reverse up the ramp and thus win the nights game. We were out of time and as club president Alan had to hand the prize to Alex, shake his hand and say congratulations. All in all it worked well had most of us smiling and laughing (even Alan claims he enjoyed it.) Honourable mentions for the game go to Alan for spending in total 5 turns in stun. Alex for being a rotter through and through, Martin for playing the right card at just the right time, Clive for low rolling consistently, Andy for becoming a walking armoury (3 guns, a sword, lawn mower and chainsaw) but still not being able to kill anything, and Mark keeping us smiling and coming a very close second.


  1. It's all lies!! I was clearly robbed and my figure (Heavy...but actually very affable, articulate, attractive to all women but still accessible)was stunned by the audacity and behaviour of the army girl (Alex) rather than any attack by that woman! That she then went on to escape and win is an appalling travesty of justice and I hope alex is given the biggest plate of brussel sprouts ever seen for christmas dinner!!!!!

    Despite all that thais was a great game enjoyed by all, certainly something that we would play again. I think the whole paste table concept could lead on to some very interesting ideas too. Thanks Clint :) (I hate you Alex)

  2. Opps the last sentace should read "Mark for keeping us laughing and coming a close second" can't leave him out..I'm sorry mate, I can't type some days.

    No Al it was a true and just outcome, just not honourable, except for a dark elf.

  3. Sounded like it was a great game thanks for sharing dude

  4. Thanks mate. It played well and we had fun.

  5. Great looking game, looks like it was a hell of a lot of fun!!!


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