Monday 2 January 2012

Drying out.

You'll forgive me but it's the first moon board which is drying out. I must say it's doing OK, looking as I would expect. So generally I'm quite happy with the progress. It will need one more coat of paint glue and sand and then about a week to completely dry and then I can start colouring it up.

I have started the next two boards as well. On Tuesday I'll finish the construction of them with an aim to getting the first load of muck on them both. Until that happens not much to see.

I will post some pics of the warmaster Dwarfs I'm painting when they get to a stage where there is something interesting to see. Again they are looking good for what they are. They won't win any painting competitions, but they will not be embarrassing to Field on the table, which is the point.

Next subject: Club shirts. I have sent the design ideas out to three people. Two of whom have gotten back to me the other is most likely away or the holiday season. One person has suggested we have a Zombie Curassier as the club motif. I have no objection to that but as soon as I suggested they might like to do some kind of sketch to show me they backed out and just said can we have them on black shirts. Personally I think black would be the wrong way to go, yes I can see it would make them popular, but the colours would not "pop" from them and they would thus look dull. And after explaining my concerns he suggested Red (same problem), then Blue (I was getting bored by now explaining the same thing over and over again and said for it to work it would be best if it was on a pastel colour.... finally he came round to my original white shirt idea. Takes a time but finally I can get my own way.

Also talked to Alan (Sittingbourne club) about if we were going to get some "crew" tees for Broadside this year. He thinks we should so that's also in the pipeline. BUT no details just yet but we should have them by Cavalier where we would hope to wear them and hand out leaflets. If we get it sorted we'll be easy to spot at that show.

The thing I get from this blog is that it does "make" me do something for wargames everyday. I may not have to do much but I will have to do something.

More as it happens. Clint

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