Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Well no post yesterday, which is not to say I did nothing, but more to say I was doing things I don't want to talk about. Later today I'll do some more on the moon boards and start my 10mm dwarf army. I am a recent convert to dwarfs having spent many years as a staunch dyed in the ear Elf player in role-playing-games I have steered clear of the diminutive chaps in the past. I think it was mostly that the people in my past who had games workshop dwarf armies were not as likable as people as I would have hoped. I hasten to add this is nothing personal to dwarf players in general, but is aimed at a few people in the past whom I have now lost contact with.

I have only unpacked one blister of Kalistra Beserkers, but I have found them very characterful. Yes the muscles are ridiculously large, and the noses remind me of bad Astrix cartoon copies, but all in all I think these stout chaps look great in naked metal.They seem much "chunkier" and probably a little taller than Pendraken, but that's not a problem for me as I don't intend to mix and match.  I also like the Kalistra price compared to GW and the fact that you get 4 stands and not three. Which has little effects on making a small army, but when making a large one say 3000 (warmaster) points will lead to a saving somewhere along the line. They are also wearing "Kilts" and bear chested and now that I have typed it I can't think what I would have done differently if I were a sculptor. The weapons are a nice mixture of really over sized and unwieldy items both one handed and double handed swords axes and hammers. All in all I think they'll paint up well and look good on the table but time will tell. One thing is for sure I'll be able to lose with them no matter what they look like.


  1. Happy New Year Clint. Please show some pics of your Dwarves on here I really like Dwarves I have around 50 lotr Dwarves to paint up at some point and the same in goblins but my 7TV and Zombie projects are taking the limelight at the moment

  2. I'll do that, I also have some painted LotR dwarfs, if the batteries in the camera last I'll do a pic of them as well. BUT don't expect too much from the 10mm ones.

    And Happy New Year to you as well.


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