Thursday 5 January 2012

Just another quick daily update.
Starting with the moon boards. I Have put the first coat of "Muck" on the next two boards and now they need a couple of days to dry. SO probably do nothing with regard to the moonscapes til Saturday at the earliest. That being the case there is nothing to show. The Camera seems to be eating batteries so I'll get some on the way home from work tonight.

New Figures: I had a small eBay order through today, just 3 figures from arrived very swiftly with the minimum of fuss. I got T0064 Male Biker with smg/chain, T0066 Female biker smg/shorts/boots. and T0069 fat biker with smg.

OK but what are they like: Firstly let me say I like them a lot and may well get some more. There are only 6 in that particular range, so making whole biker gangs might not be quite so easy, although I think these figures will fit in with many 28mm ranges, foundry street violence and Copplestone KKBB ranges quite well. There's no major casting lines or "flash" and the figures have had a dusting of grey primer when they arrived. So all that's good. I have nothing Bad to say about them, But there are a few things I'd have wished for. The "cuts" (denim jackets trimmed of sleeves) could have had the usual 3 patches on the back and a couple of others on the front. The Chain is very chunkie and would have been better slimmer. The Fat biker is not as fat As I would have hoped and no where near as fat as some bikers I have known in my past... (John the Big for example)... I was hoping for some figure who looked like a contestant in the biggest looser. Still we don't all get what we want. The bit that fits in the slotta base is also quite thin so needs to be packed out before you can mount them properly. Both the male bikers also have a pistol holstered as a back up weapon. The guy with a chain also has a grenade on his belt and a knife in his boot and an offensive pony tail hair cut. With that amount of weapons they look like good Necromunda gang candidates.

I'll tart up the warmaster dwarf beserkers in a sec and get these bikers ready for paint on Friday.

I was quite luck at work, I did manage to get all the time off I want for annual leave. (Has to be used up by April). So It looked like I'd get a couple of games in at the Sittingbourne club. Great as young Steve had a Vietnam game planned which I wanted a go at. But then my other supervisor rang me at home first thing this morning and offered me 18 days overtime (which of course I agreed to). So I may have to miss the Vietnam game, which is a shame but the money will allow me to buy loads more wargames stuff! (Yippee!) Also on the way home managed to pop into Tescos and get their last minute final mark downs before things go out of date. Sirloin steak at 58p a pack you just can't go wrong so I bought all they had and other than the one I had for lunch the rest have gone in the freezer! Some days it just works out right.

OK the last bit's not wargaming but I just had to tell someone!!!


  1. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked the figures. I'd be interested in seeing the result of their visit to the paint room ;-)

    Would you mind if I posted your comments on our site?



  2. They might get to paint over the weekend, (well that's the plan).

    No prob with posting any of my comments on your site that relate to these figures. And if you can wait for the paint job and if you like it feel free to use the pics.

  3. Cheers Clint

    I'll check back to see piccies ;-)



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