Saturday 25 February 2012

Well I did say I should have something to show today. Got up early and bashed some figures out. This is my machine gun platoon for PBI. It consists of 4 .30 cal MG bases and an SMG command base. There's still some tinnie tiny finishing off to do, but should get them varnished this afternoon, especially if England are doing Badly at the Rugger. I have tried to put some foliage in front of the crews as I can't really see them wanting to be out in the open. They know that a little bush is not bullet proof, but with luck might give them some concealment until they open up. I should get another standard platoon done next so that I have enough regular bases to actually play the game, but as this was only 5 stands of 2 figures I rightly thought I should be able to finish them quite quickly and as I have a month to go before the planned game it seemed like a worthwhile thing to achieve in a limited time. The brown tracks are not meant to join up despite looking like they might, they are only their to give a bit of visual variety. Obviously in 20th century wargames there's usually no need to link bases so they will be spaced out more on the table top, it's just a style I use on my bases which I happen to think looks quite good.
Tomorrow I am of to Cavalier in Tonnbridge Kent. First show of the year for me and I am looking forward to it. Usually there's a list of things I want to get, but this year I am pretty much open to impulse buys. For me Impulse buys at wargames shows can be dangerous, as It can easily mean getting side-tracked onto new projects, or resurrecting old , sometimes very old projects that have stalled. I think if there is one thing I should buy its storage solutions. But the chances are I'll get more lead.

Off the top of my head here are a quick list of what I am currently thinking, so we can all see how much it will change when I post again on Monday.
  •  1 pack peter pig BAR US WW2 Infantry.
  • Some figure case or other.
  • Crooked dice Fembots.
  • Look at Hydra miniatures (stocked by Wargames emporium)
  • 15mm Pony wars figures for that colonial idea.
  • A book (probably Osprey)
  • Possibly more rules or a supplement. (But which ones no idea)
  • Some terrain bits and bobs. Could be any scale or period.
  • Anything else that inspired me on the day.
. The main reason for going these days is to talk to some traders and clubs and make sure we can get them for Broadside in June. We picked up a few traders and clubs last year by doing this so I know it can work. Whether it will this year of course I'll just have to wait and see.

All the best and speak Monday. Good weekend all. Cheers Clint


  1. Nice looking figures Clint, I like the way you've done the bases, even if it wasn't meant!! Shame we missed you at the show, but I'm sure we'll meet up at Broadside though!!

    1. Thanks Ray. Yeah be good to have a chat at a show.


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