Sunday 19 February 2012

Well half term is just about over so my "babysitting" duties should b at an end now, or at least we can hope they are for a while. I don't really mind as these times I spend with him will be fewer and fewer as he enters his teenage years. I don't in any way begrudge spending time with him, I do however wish I could get on with things when he's here and not have to "Entertain" him quite so much. He is getting less demanding though and I am sure I'll look back on these times and wish there had been more of them.
As you can see I have not totally been ideal on the wargames front, I have managed to paint and base one platoon for my upcoming PBI game with graham, in 5 weeks time. I know it's hard to make out but the figures are clearer in 3 dimensions, while in the pic it's all green on green with some brown splodges. All figures are 15mm Battlefront miniatures on 30mm square bases with either 2 or 3 figures on a base depending on what the base represents.

As my first platoon it consists of 1 stand of Platoon commanders (Carbine). 1 Bazooka Stand, 3 Bar stands and 4 rifle (Garand) stands. BARs have a slightly lower rate of fire than most light machine guns-owing to the magazine capacity and not being belt fed. However Garands have a higher rate of fire being clip fed and not bolt action. The rules take this into account both in points and in the number of dice you throw. I have only played PBI twice so I'm basing the platoons on the one in the Peter Pig PBI rules, and will have to see how it plays before I come up with what I think would be the best ratio of stand types, but I am already thinking of dropping a BAR stand and replacing it with a .30LMG stand instead. But I'll have to wait and see how badly I loose before I commit myself to this plan.

Other than these figures nothing has moved either on the painting table or up the shed, apart from being bashed about by an 11 year old (he was gentle), but several items were not replaced exactly where they came from so I'm now missing the stands for the Kallistra Dwarfs... and if that's the biggest thing I have to worry about I can't really complain. He's getting better.

Other wargames news. Well the Broadside show is slowly coming together we have less than 4 months now and as I shall be at Cavalier next weekend I expect to talk to a few clubs who have yet to return their game detail forms and a few traders who as yet have not confirmed. The Club game forms are required as soon as possible as we have to hire the tables in from an outside source unless they want to play on the floor. Also we need to Know how many bacon or sausage Sarnies the caterers need to save for us hard working types. I still can't believe I missed out last year because they ran out.

I did have a great email last night in reply to my Point man enquiry from Ambush Alley Games. I was asking if they had a UK Point man-Point man is their term for demonstration team- they do have one and it is hopeful that they can get them organised enough to supply another game for Broadside. It works from every ones point of view, they get their products showcased and we get another game for people to either watch or take part in. Time will tell if they can organise it from across the Atlantic. I am not holding my breath but I am optimistic.

That's it folks back to posting normally next week.

Cheers Clint

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