Thursday 22 March 2012

Next batch

Here are the next batch of Taliban. Two pics of the Motorbike riders from Britannia Miniatures now available from Grubby Tanks ( I am not sure how stable the bike would be if either of the guys opened up with the LMG or the Rpg. But I guess they would probably dismount and set up as a weapons team before letting loose. Not that I am sure that they would, but I think I would If I was them, and just use the motorbike to travel about. I saw it listed on their web site and just new I had to get one, or maybe more.

Since buying and painting it I have noticed that one of the scenarios in "Enduring Freedom" the Afghanistan source/scenario book for "Force on Force" has three of these turn up as reinforcements about half way through the scenario, so perhaps it's more common than I originally thought. Still one thing is for sure, now that it's painted and based (will add some grass "tufts" as soon as I finish typing), it will find a use. As you can see the figures have a cartoon like quality to them. Originally I hated it, but they were easy to bait because of it. I have therefore sent off another small order to get a few more of the more "odd" items they do to "flesh out" some of the games. You have been warned. 
 The last picture is of a few more  general Taliban types,  These are again by MJ figures ( Again I have sent for more of these to bulk up the general forces. Kev has also got some Taliban which are painted and based to a very good standard, so the pressure is of with regard to mass producing any more. I shall because too many is better than too few, as it gives you the choice of not using them all.
Today I will start to build a compound as part of the scenery for the game. I already have all the materials so it really is just a case of knuckling down and getting on with it. As such I'll go and cut some 3mm MDF as a baseboard this afternoon.

This morning I applied a layer of paint and glue to the latest moon board which should act as a sealer. Once dry I'll repeat the process to both strengthen and seal it. Then only one more to go......

That's my progress for now. I'll update you all on Saturday. All the best Clint.


  1. Looking forward to the game at Broadside and to see the rules in effect as I need to get my head around them for my modern skirmish game.

  2. If you and/or the Other "rejects" want to have an outing to the Rainham club to have a pre Broadsie Trial game I'm sure we can sort that out.

  3. Looking good, will be nice to see the terrain too.

    1. Terrain starts next week. But should have something to show on Saturday as well.

  4. Some great output Clint. Really like the bike its got loads of character

  5. Love the two very well armed guys in the bike, very cool figs!!

  6. Wow, they look so realistic makes me feel like greasin' the bastards meself ('specially the two on the mopey!) I take it the one in the pink comes from Khandahar. The figures may look a little 'cartoony' but you'd be surprised (and aits a little scary) just how close to reality they actually look! Bit of eyeliner and red toenail polish on 'em and they'd be spot on (I kid you not!) From the experience of your boys in Herat or ours in Oruzgan there would be dozens of cool scenarios - a bushwacking in every town. Love to see the skirmish game.


  7. Very nice! I'm just starting to collect some modern stuff so this is all good inspiration - thanks!



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