Saturday 7 April 2012

Jingle all the way

Britannia Jingle Truck
This is a Britannia "Jingle Truck". I have put a picture of a real one from Afghanistan at the bottom just so you can see that I really have not gone over the top with the decoration. At this stage it has not been weathered. I am reluctant to weather it just yet as it took an age to paint. As you can see most surfaces have some form of decoration. Yes I could have added more and more and even more, but by this stage I was content with the level. Having taken an age to paint, mostly because I did not know what I was doing, I am reluctant to get another. That's a shame after all what other wargames am I ever going to paint one for. Most of the decoration is very abstract just dots and dashes in different colours and as bright as I could manage. If I was to tackle another I realise I would paint it much quicker as I would be less precious about the pattens and colours but as I don't need another just yet I'll leave it for now. Most panels have been painted a couple of times as I could not settle on the colours. It started as mostly red for example and has metamorphosed into mostly green. Although using the words "Mostly green" is somewhat misleading. Painting it really was a love hate relationship but now it's done I shall miss it! I guess I'm never happy. I deliberately painted a crescent flag on the front the driver is no doubt praying that it will not become the 
Jingle Truck in Afghanistan
 number one bullet magnet on the table. I can just imagine what a typical British Colour Sergent would have t say about it. As well as your typical Tommy so I suspect the typical wargamer will also have a few choice words. None of them complementary, about the truck but I also suspect that if I can get the boards right it might get a few photos on the day just for novelty value. For some reason wargamers are drawn to the unusual and I think this fits the bill. As I look back I would be willing to paint another, but not this week. Or next, and not for anyone else. I have also managed to get a couple more Taliban done as well but no photos just yet, until I can get some more tufts and varnished. Therefore that's all I'll show today.
We have a club game on Sunday (real wargamers don't stop for Easter!) We hall have a Force on Force game, to remind us of the rules and what we are supposed to be doing. So I had better re-read the rules this afternoon. That's it for today I'll post again on Monday, thanks for reading this and have a good Easter. Cheers Clint


  1. Blimey, hang on a minute.........

  2. That's better, just had to pop my sunglasses on!!! Very well painted Sir!!!!

  3. Sunglasses. I know what you mean, it's a mobile Migrane! Painting wise a load of mistakes, (slipped brush marks etc.) But the effect is overall, and not in the close up.

  4. LOL that is a cracking paintjob Clint 10/10 sunglasses required or not!


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