Monday 2 April 2012

Large Compound (WIP)

Here is my last (for now) compound. Yes it's another work in progress as to be honest I have nothing finished today due to looking after my nephew and playing warhammer all day yesterday. I think I'll be either playing the classic game from my youth "Escape from Colditz" or 7ombie TV. He will of course want to do both all day and not give me a break. AT his own house it is somewhat easier as he has all HIS stuff their. At my house he Needs more entertaining.  Anyway that's neither here nor there lets talk about wargames. As said above this is the latest of my compounds. It has yet to be tidied up and painted. As such it is very much a work in progress. It has been made in the same way. Again mounted on 3mm mdf with the walls made from Grey-board and the roofs from Mounting board. The local art framer is a decent bloke and lets me have some of his Mount board off cuts (in return I make a donation to his favourite charity) so we all benefit. As mentioned this is the largest of the 4 compounds and as can be clearly has a raised tower. I knew from the start that I wanted a tower on this compound but until I started I had no idea of where it would go. The tower is an obvious fire position, as it will be the highest point on table (not including aircraft providing "love from above"). It only has windows on 2 faces so there
are some blind spots which wiley tacticians will spot straight away. Blind spots are to be encouraged as these are "domestic dwellings" and not forts. They are therefore built without too much regard to modern military concerns. Given the cutting board beneath the compound you can judge this model as being about A4 in foot-print. AS I will be using 2 foot squar boards a compound of this size does take up quite a lot of table space. Another issue with using 2 foot square boards is that given the scale size of say a landing zone (LZ) for medivac means that about half of one board is needed for a chinook to land. I had not anticipated that when planning the game. Still I think I can use that to my advantage as it will mean the LZ needs not only to be clear, but also lines of fire onto the LZ need to be controlled or the LZ gets declared as "Cherry"

That's today's blog, thanks for reading and I'll post again on Thursday.


  1. Thanks mate that's really kind of you. Hope it will look better when finished and when the rest of the board is done.

  2. Looking good, looking good!!!!


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