Tuesday 21 February 2012


I had a spare five minutes and splashed some paint about. I was not sure which colour to use for the "tanks" so thought I'd try it on a couple of the smallest ones just to give me an idea. and here are the results. I hasten to add they are not finished, just done to get an idea. I did think about doing some browns but I think the lighter of these two  does the job for me. The other one (the orange one) just does not look right, to me it looks like a sweetie. I like sweets but I don't want a jelly baby army. Overall I'm quite happy and when I get to do them properly am convinced they will look ok, despite an elderly aunts comments about them looking like parts of a male anatomy. For Paint I used "Elf flesh" on the lighter one and "Bronzed flesh" on the darker one. Both were then given a wash of "Scab Red" I left them to dry overnight and this is the result. I need to think if they need more detail or if such a simple scheme will work. Maybe add some spots or splodges I'll wait and see.

Elsewhere I am now painting a machine gun Platoon for PBI. I have run out of one of the colours though but hope to pick a pot of that up at Cavalier on Sunday. I'll press on though as I don't want to get behind on another project.

Meanwhile up the shed I am waiting for paint to dry, as normal. I should start the last two moon boards eirther tomorrow or Friday. I have ground to a halt on the Cutlass cliff/beach scenery as I can't find anywhere selling plaster of Paris. In times gone by chemists stocked it. I have looked on line but the shipping cost doubles it's cost. The Local hobby craft £6 on the train to get there stocks it, but only at ridiculously inflated prices. I am not knocking Hobby Craft, just decrying the lack of local craft shops and the decline of civilisation. I have no doubt if you could fit it to a mobile phone in some way I would be tripping over places to buy it. I might try artex or plaster from B&Q.

That's it for now.


  1. Pink looks the better of the too I can't help feel it should look shiny/gloop looking though

  2. When I do these properly I feel gloss varnish is a must. Great mind think alike.


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