Thursday 23 February 2012

Old Friends

Working extra shifts at the moment so very little time for much hobby stuff should have something by Saturday though. Bear with me. I have just had a phone call from "Young Gary" asking If I could paint some flags for him for his Great Northern War armies in 15mm. I would be happy to give it a go, but I think his best bet is to reduce them on a colour photo copy as he has found a 28mm supplier. I think it would be the quickest easiest thing to do.

I'll probably get a chat with Gary over the weekend at cavalier. Gary was a Member of the Rainham club, vice president I think who has since left and I had not spoken too for at least 6 months, or more likely a year. Not that we fell out or anything just drifted apart. He did say he'd pop back to the club soon, and was talking about a big Napoleonic battle in Russia he'll put on with Tim. Personally I am not into Napoleonic or ECW which along with ancients are Gary's thing. I may be doing him a disservice, but he's not a Zombie kind of guy. Having said that he is a good bloke and a pleasure to play against or ally with on a table. But he's definitely a big battle player and wants things in battalions and regiments. The more figures the better.

I mostly like skirmish games, but will play big battle games on occasion. And that's another good thing about the diversity of a club. Everyone is different and brings different skills, likes and armies to the table.

I'll try to get something finished for next post. Cheers Clint

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  1. Hope to see you Sunday, apologies but you fell off the blogroll when I deleted the first one but now rectified.


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