Sunday 15 April 2012

Double ups

 As you can see from this series of pictures I have pulled my finger out and got on with it. What we have in these pics is a series of double ups of figures. Given the irregular non uniform state of the Taliban even minor differences can easily mark out similar figure poses into distinctly different individuals.  The two guys on the far right for example are painted exactly the same but with one being just that shade lighter.  Even placed next to each other on the table top (perhaps not with my photography skills) they look sufficiently different that no one will really notice or care that much. All these twelve figures are from my usual source (MJ FIGURES), and as they only make a limited selection of packs I think when they are all scattered around the table no one (other than me perhaps) will worry about doubles. Yes it is nice to have variety especially in a skirmish game where you can mostly get away with fewer figures. It is however not essential In the past when there were fewer manufactures whole battalions of figures might be in a single pose. For Napoleonic armies this did not look too bad but for ancients it just looked wrong. Every man holding a spear in the same way quite possibly in mid thrust all synchronised and in time with each other. How things have changed. Personally I like skirmish games and I like a variety of figures. I don't really mind a variety of manufacturers as long as the figures are all of a certain quality. And I do find it dull to paint the same figure time and time again, it seems more like repetitive work than a hobby and that may well have been the reason for my previous apathy. In summery I don't mind repeat figures but I do like variety.
Another reason for the banishment of Apathy might well be the postman (Alan yes even postal workers have names and my usual postie is called Alan.) On Saturday morning he delivered 2 parcels. A book which I'll talk about at a later date as I have only just started it, and some shiny metal friends. For less than £20 (Including postage) I have got all the Brits I think I'll need. I am not ready to paint them yet, still working through some Taliban bits and pieces. All I bought was 2 eight man squads with the right weapons which should be enough Brits for Broadside. 16 men does not seem a lot, but it should be sufficient given the firepower a squad can kick out.

BROADSIDE NEWS: Apart from Mark leaving a trader of the floor plan and him now having to find a place to squeeze them in. He'll manage and I won't blab about which trader it is. But the real news is that Miniature wargames not only has our advert this month but we also get a mention in the front of the Mag. They are talking about our "Make and Take" table for youngsters (in age not young at hear... Boo Hiss!) where Armourfast will donate some model tanks for the kids to build and play with. Yeah I know I wish I was a youngster as well. Anyway a Big thanks to Tracey at Armourfast and lets see if we can encourage a few youngsters to put the mobile phone down for 5 mins and do something creative.There will also be an associated games table for them and a simple set of rules.

I have not as yet managed to sort the club shirts out. I did speak to a supplier (Ok a market trader) but he can't get what I want. I could get them on line, but the tee shirts I want are about £9 each, before printing so I may have to look at alternatives.

My art supplier can't get me any more grey board either. Actually he can get 2mm think but as I am looking for 4mm thick it still counts as a no for me at this time. However I have found some suppliers on line so I shall just have to pay through the nose for delivery and probably make a minimum order as well. I don't really mind as I know If I have the materials I will find a use for them.

That's today's offering. Thanks for Reading and I'll blog again on Tuesday. Take care and have a good Sunday afternoon. Cheers Clint

Post script: The date on the Broadside poster top of this blog is last years poster. I will change it to this years poster later today. So if it reads 2011 forgive me. BUT if it says 2012 then you missed my obvious mistake.


  1. Doubles and triples are always an issue in the smaller scales but as you've done you change colours and hey presto they look different enough especially with irregulars! We've sorted our Rejects polo shirts this week and will have them on the blogs next week! Nice work Clint!

    1. I shall look forward to seeing the polo shirts.

  2. I had to do a double take as the colours certainly make them different at first glance

  3. Double figures can be a problem especially in 15mm as the ranges don't really cater for loads of different rent poses, but hey you've done the right thing, painting them up so they all look different and they do!!
    Reject Polo shirts can be seen tomorrow, fingers crossed???

  4. I hpe they are post office red!


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