Tuesday 17 April 2012

Getting there

Once again hallow! Only one new pic today, everything is about half done on the paining table so nothing finished enough for a new pic except these. Just a few mor Taliban with AKs. I'll try to get some more finished today so there'll be something more substantial to show on Thursday.
Mind you I have been busy today, up the shed at 6am working on the last moon board. All the construction is done, and it is being sealed as we speak. Once it is dry I should be able to paint them in a day and then just tape the edges to avoid splinters and they are all done. Been a long time in coming but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

As soon as the moon boards are out of the way I shall start the Afghan boards. I took a few moments at work last night to finalise (in my mind) the plans. There will be 4 boards each 2 foot square. I will put a "T"-Junction track/road on each one. This will give me quite a variety of layout sand allow the vehicles to travel about without making it an obvious grid. One of the "T" Junctions will actually be a "V" shape just to break up the straight lines which should reduce some of the firing arcs. IF I have time I shall also make 2 very narrow "Canal" boards. about 6 inches wide and 2 foot long. My reading indicates that there are a number of contested bridges in the Sangin area (Green 12 and Green 78 although I am sure the locals call them different things). These can be used to either edge the battle boards or to separate them. They are low priority at this time though so may not get done at all.

Ok I have put it off for as long as I dare. Zombie WW1 game. I can almost hear you cheering that finally I get to the interesting bit. As mentioned in the comments yesterday it will be a mish-mash with pieces coming in from several game sources so It won't be as pretty as I would hope. If I get inspired to run it a few more times I'll repaint the terrain. At the moment all the trenches are desert, they were made for a Galipoli game long before WW1 become a popular period to wargame and sat in boxes up the shed un used for about 10 years. So if we do more WW1 Zombies then I'll paint them in black and grey to give it a night times and Black and white cine film feel.

Figures will be my monochrome zombies (inspired by he Left 4 Dead computer game. Mostly Wargames Factory. I have a few unmade so I might have a go at making a "Wire Zombie" Not sure how just yet, but it will come together no doubt. If I do yes I will post pics. The Brits are a cobbled together collection of Renegade, Foundry, woodbine and Great war miniatures. Basically whatever I could buy cheap on that famous online auction site.

Rules will be 7ombie TV by Crooked Dice. I re-read them last night and found that in the car park game I ran at Christmas I got the rules wrong. This time they should be more mobile and thus more threatening.

As mentioned Yesterday I will base it around a Trench raid rather than a pitched battle and as the Brits are early war figures they do lack Lewis guns etc. Not sure you would ever take a Lewis on a trench raid bit cumbersome if you ask me. So no Tanks, Planes, Artillery or Machine guns, just your basic foot slogger with a SMLE a bayonet and some pluck. Reading through the rules there are several co-star archetypes that can fit so I can create some variation in the pregen characters but I won't push it too far. I don't think I'll have any characters with scavenger skills after all walking round a trench with a lawn mower does not feel right to me. What I shall most likely do is drop a few extra bits of kit to different characters to try to balance it a bit more.

I won't go too deeply into background and who manufactured the Dreaded ZED-GAS (probably the French it sound like a French idea to use on their own troops who refuse to attack.... but this is only speculation.). As at this stage it's a one off game I'll see how it goes before I spend too much effort on it.

I'll try to remember the camera and spare batteries

Thanks for reading, I'll post again on Thursday and with luck I may have more new troops to show.
All the best Clint


  1. Sounds like a visual blast at the very least Clint, looking forward to more!

  2. A good looking squad of Taliban. Glad to hear that some of your projects are coming to conclusion, even as you create new ones. WW1 zombies should be cool, can't wait to see what you do with it.

    1. The truth to tell I never manage to bring a project to conclusion. I get to a stage where it can be played confortably.... but it's never quite finished, just too many options.

    2. I think most of us are guilty of that!


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