Saturday 21 April 2012

PID checks

PID checks (Personel Identification checks) must be carried out in order to comply with the ROE (Rules of Engagement). It is a simple rule which can stop the coalition from unleashing a massive amount of firpower on figures which may or may not be combatants. In game terms this is a straght-forward troop quality check by the troops who wish to decern if the figures are armed or not. In Ambush Alley the basic mechanic is 4+ sucseeds. SO the taliban player should put some civilian type figures down on the table and until they pass a PID check OR these "civilians" open fire.
Assuming the Coalition troops pass the PID check then the "Civilians" would be revealed as either what they are or as Taliban. Thefore in the top two pictures they are potentially the same unit. WHich could be very very bad if the Taliban can set up and catch the coalition in the open.
Here is a Taliban light mortar. A two man crew with a 50mm light mortar. Easy to set up pop a few rounds with and then scurry away. They also have 80mm mortars in the Taliban arsenal as well as recoiless rifles which fir in both direct and indirect modes. But My players need not worry about that too much at the moment as I have yet to buy any of those.

I have nearly finished the moon boards for Andy at Ainsty Castings. I have no excuse for not finishing them by Monday. This will allow me to crack on with the Afghanistan boards. For me the real issue is motivation but it is also lack of space. It really is cramped if I need to work on more than one terrain project at a time. I would quite literally be tripping over things.
That's it for today, as I need to sort out the WW1 Zombie game for tomorrow. All the best Clint

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