Thursday 8 December 2011

First Batch Photos.

Well here are a few shots of the firat batch of Zeds. They are pretty roughly painted, but they'll serve, at least for now. I do like the monochromatic look of them, I think that works quite well. I also think they look good as a mass and not as individuals. But that's a matter of personal taste and you might just think you have gone colourblind. If you look closely you'll see that one is missing an arm. To be honest it fell on the floor while being varnished and it's now somewhere in the garden. I don't mind a missing limb on a zombie, after all it is just possible the fellow was an amputee befor the infection, or it could be that it was eaten by some other zombie. So the odd one without a limb is fine by me, as long as it does not become a theme.

The last pic has some of Kevs cars in it for scale. They are a little big, but not overly and deffinitly not anything to worry about scale wise. Afterall it is only a game.

The Second batch is well underway as I only have the hilighting and bases to do. Which does take a while, but is nothing to worry about, it's just a case of doing it. So I should barring accidents get them finished later. Just Spoke to Alan (Sittingborne club president) about progress and told him to look at the blog. Anyway we have re"thought" the idea for our play by text player. ( Yes there will be a guy who can't make it and yet still wants to play). The change from the original idea is that he'll only be give a bag of toys. He'll get to decide if the figure close to him (If he's within range) has been Naughty or nice. If they have been Nice He'll give them a pressie. Yes even Zombies can get pressies before you ask. and if they have been naughty he'll take a swing at them (hits 4+ Strength 2, stun only). He will be in another part of the country so won't have a clue who he attacks or gives gifts to. And Gifts could be anything he can fit in the sack from a hocky stick to a joke book, it will be quite random. (I may have to sort a bag of gifts out and get players to take one at random if they get one.) Zombies being good boys and girls will probly not open thier gifts. (But I'll see what I feel like on the day.


  1. All coming along nicely Clint. I thought about your initial idea of giving santa a gun too, allowing him to fire off random shots. more I think of it the more I like it, that and the toy sack....right up my street!

  2. That skin tone is pretty cool mate I really like the effect.


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