Tuesday 6 December 2011

First Batch

I think I forgot to mention yesterday that kev has lent me some cars for the car park. That takes some of the presure off and gives me a chance to relax. Thanks Mate.

Well no dog-escapades today. everything has gone quite smoothly. Apart from the first layer of icing I put on a cake I'm making for work tomorrow. But that's neither here nor there and nothing to do with wargaming in general or the Xmas game in particular.

So I have finished the first (trial) batch of Zombies. 12 in all. they don't look too bad but neither are they master peices. But they were quick to do and don't look to bad. So I'll stick with the greys as a colour scheme and just start bashing them out now. I will prep 23 more and have them ready to go by Thursday morning a the very latest.

It seems my camera was not needed so I'll get it back lunch time on the 7th. Someone borrows your camera and does not take any snaps .. I ask you!! With luck and no distractions I'll get a snap or two on the zeds. I am also painting a couple of Warmachine cryx models and some scooby-do (Hassle free) figures as well, as it does occur to me that I might be short a few civilian types.....well those not armed with guns that is so they'll have to be finished, and I'll also need to paint a security guard as well. But that will all become evident in the next edition. Or maybe the one after that.

Thanks for reading and talk soon.

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