Monday 5 December 2011

No Good deed goes unpunished.

Long story short looking after a neighbours dog this week or so. Taking it for a week this morning we were on our way back home when another dog, a Staffy, ran across the Busy A2 and got clipped by a car, which then drove off. Firstly let me say the Staffy is ok, a few cuts and bruises, some grazes and the like but generally ok. No sorry I did not get the car number either or make or model, which when I look back makes me feel useless. Anyway the Staffy bounded across another road and came towards me. I managed to catch it and keep hold of her but she had no collar and the neighbours dog (a Jack Russel) is not that social and was emmitting some low level growls as I made a fuss of the Staffy. So with No spare collar (a Jack russel colar is not gonna fitt round a Staffy's neck anyway. I carried the staffy into the local golf club where they were good enugh to get the grounds men to get me some rope. (After 100 yards or so wriggling staffys get heavy and bad tempered Jack russels don't make it any easier.) Comming finally to the point eventually contacted the local council. Some time passes (about 20 mins) and the local dog wardens turn up. The Staffy is chipped so they are pretty sure they can find its owners. Ahhh my good deed for the day.

All the above just goes to show that even if you plan to have a painting Zombies day life sometimes conspires against you. So I have done nothing with the carpark today. Nope nothing at all. But I do have 12 zeds on the production line and while I would not say they were propainted standard, It looks like I could do 20 figures a day if I applied myself. I'm gonna give then another Black wash when I finish typing. To be honest they are quite rough, but they pass the "Is that a Zombie test?" I have batch painted these 12 using only greys, and they do look like they are in a black and white film, which was not really the idea, but with some work they should look like Left 4 Dead Zombies, which was the idea. ALl in all I'm not totally unhappy with them.
Thanks to "Zombie Kev" AKA Mr Zed I have about 70 figures in all. I don't need that many zombies for this game, but I'll see how many I can get done.

That's it for now. Have a good one.

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  1. Thats pants that they drove mate. TBH Don't beat yourself up about getting the reg number. You did the important thing and checked on the dog


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