Saturday 10 December 2011

Next batch

Things got ahead of me yesterday and before I knew it "time for work" So I didn't get round to posting well I'm sure you'll forgive me. I had originally booked next week off but they want me to work a few hours Monday and Tuesday. Overtime is of course too good to turn down. I should still get everything done, but might not be a relaxed Monday/Tuesday.

As mentioned in the last post still painting Zombies. Here's what I have managed so far. There are another 12 that are an easy finish Sunday morning. Then it's just bash out a few survivors and finish the carpark, EASY! Ok maybe not THAT easy, but it's do-able. Most if not all the survivors are from other games and will therefore have a mix and match feel which is a shame, but I will somehow manage. Being dark when I took the pictures this was the best I could manage. I'l try to do a few in the light and see if I can get a couple where they look at least half decent. I have "booked" the dining table for Monday/Tuesday (I'm sure you all have similar experiences) so I should be able to crack on especially with time off work. Although there is a danger of working in the dinning room I daren't make a stain!!! Up the Shed I can make as much mess as I want. (Well almost)

Well that's ti for today. Cheers Clint

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