Sunday 4 December 2011


Well it's been a mixed day for me. Did not get anything of the carpark done. As went to the Rainham wargames club. I perhaps maybe could have gotten something done before I went but I had two lots of visitors, An Aunt and Uncle with my cousin Mark. And ten minutes after they left my Sister turned up so I did not really have so much time.... Nice to see them but without 30 hours n the day it was gonna be a struggle to fit things in.

Anyway Whining over (who am I kidding). On a positive note thanks for the positive comments both posted and in person, it's a real boost so cheers.

Getting on with it. Had a game of 7TV down the Rainham club. Introduced Tim to the game, he's already bought some time lift figures, (AKA "NOT Captain Scarlet figures") from Crooked Dice (CD). He's a good painter so I'll look forward to seeing how they come out. Having played the rules now he says he's  thinking of a Zombie Captain Scarlet game, as he says the Mysterons were Zombie-esq. If I'm hinest I cant remember that far back into my childhood, but he says it's all explained in some book or other.

Anyway the game worked quite well. I must admit to being naughty and designing a cast specifically to take on Andy. Yeah I feel mean, but I felt it fair as he beat me rotten last time. I might find an excuse to loose the Disintergrator gun card. The setting is a steampunk one with 4 factions fighting it out over crashed flying saucers and the technology that they hold. Here's my Grey Alied strander cast trying to get thier saucer home so they can escape Earth, probly with a view of comming back with some friends and starting world war one, or getting world domination, whichever comes first.

 The 150 rating cast is two co-star In-human Servitors, 2 technicians and some tribal cultists. I'll not mke excuses they did quite well but Captain Cobblie (military mind) and his redcoats are particularly good at killing Anything which is not English. Sally Strapon and Hughgo First were allied with captain Cobblie and were defending the crash site that was discovered in a previous game. While my Greys and Doctor Evil (Kev) where keen to take it from them. I conceeded in the end when passing morale checks I was finally down to a single Grey, with no funcuioning guns and reliant or 4+ brawling.. I am not making excuses but IF DR Evil wants to achieve world domination sponsored by alien technology he really has to keep his Femdroids under control!

If I am able I'll set the next game on a "ship" carrying the downed saucer  back to the England. (Be sometime in the new year.)

Final thoughts for Today. I am trying to organise the club game for the BROADSIDE 2012 show. (The Rainham club, not the Sittingbourne club). I was going to build a section of modern New York and run a superhero participation game, but am now very likely to get side tracked. but only time will tell what if anything I actually manage.

That's it for now. Camera away in Canterbury for a few days so no pics till Thursday, Speak soon Clint.

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